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-Welcome to Element Earth Guild Portal - 

Element Earth - LET'S PLAY!  Our guild is level 25 and a no pressure, have fun, playing a game type group.
We appreciate all levels, and you will find we have members at all levels of play type; PVP, PVE, Scenario's etc. 
We help each other; we set up events on the in-game calendar for activities; including Raiding, PVP BG's to Level-Up - where time is set aside to help lower level members. 
We always incourage you to reach out to other guild mates for quests and dungeon run help as well.

We are always looking for people who would like leadership roles to lead and run teams for RBG, Raid, Dungeons, Scenario's, help with the guild and so-forth. We offer a Daily Repair Allowance, Bank Tabs
and other Guild perks.  If you need something you dont yet have access to then ask GM.  

f you are interested in joining Element Earth contact us in game or inquire here on our site by clicking NEW USER next to login button. 

Having fun playing a game and with friends is what we do. 
Rules are easy - treat each other with respect and respect the Guild. 
No begging please - if you need or want something just ask the GM who will try to help with your Guild needs.   

Good Hunting !
-Guild Bank and Rewards-  
We have 7 Guild Bank Tabs that include items such as Armor, Weapons, Enchants, Mats, Gems etc, that are there for you as you need them, contributed by GM and other Guild Mates.  Also the GM may issue additional Rewards to Guild Mates from time to time for various activities, guild achievements, contributions to the guild, helping others and so-forth.
                                                                        -Guild Ranks-

                                                Away-------------------Inactive, rank reinstated @ return
                                                Recruit -----------------Guild Rep Neutral; Level 1 thru 19
                                                Crusader ---------------Guild Rep Honored; Level 20 thru 69
                                                Legionnaire------------Guild Rep Revered; Level 70 thru 89
                                                Battle Command------Guild Rep Exaulted; Level 90
                                                Raider Special Ops---iLvL 470, serious gamer, lead, raids, dungeons
                                                Centurion--------------GM Appointed
                                                Pilus Prior-------------GM Appointed
                                                Primus Pilus-----------Guild Master --- Oironside
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Helpful Links for DPS and GEAR added on Library and Resources tabs...Hum

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

pheenexs, Feb 24, 12 5:23 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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